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St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church
Regular Giving

Our thanks:
We thank God for his provision, and for those who continue to support his work in this place.

Our hope:
We hope that through continued generous giving we will be able to take the good news of Jesus into our community and beyond.

Our responsibility:
God calls us to respond to his grace with our generosity.


What mission and ministry has God entrusted to us?
In the Great Commission Jesus calls on his church to: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” We are seeking to play our part in this mission of the church. We do this in many different ways, including through our regular services, seasonal services, toddler and youth groups, homegroups and teaching sessions, schools work and assemblies, ministry amongst students and the elderly, baptisms, weddings and funerals. To name but a few. All of these ministries are a way of loving and serving our community with the love of Jesus. And all of these ministries require support and could not happen without prayer, service, and financing.

How much does this cost?
Each parish in the Church of England gives a ‘parish share’ to their diocese. Ours is £45,000. Approximately half of this pays for our clergy, with the rest funding buildings in the diocese, training for future clergy, as well as support staff within the diocese such as members of the central finance, education, and safeguarding teams. As well as paying our parish share we need funds to ensure and support the upkeep of our beautiful church building, and additional funds to support the ministries of the church. In total each year the church looks to raise: £53,800.

How do we resource these ministries financially?
Although we can seek funds from grant-making bodies for some building repairs, the church primarily relies on the generosity of our church family to resource the mission and ministry of the church. This is a pattern that we see in both the Old and New Testaments: the people of God giving generously towards the work of God.

And so each year, we plan to come back to the church and ask the church family to consider afresh their giving. Giving to the church is not constant as some people move away, others arrive and our circumstances change. Keeping track of our regular giving on a yearly basis will enable us to manage our resources wisely as we seek to follow God in the mission and ministry into which he leads us.
Despite this past year being particularly difficult, by God’s grace, we will meet our costs for 2021. However, as we look forwards to 2022 we will be £8,330 short of our budget year on year. And yet, if, for example, each member of the congregation was able to give £15 more a month we would see these costs covered.


What can I do?
Please think and pray about how much you give, and whether you are able to give more as part of your regular giving.
How much should I give?
Sometimes it helps to work out whether we are giving what God calls us to if we have a guideline. The bible teaches the practice of tithing – giving ten percent of our income to the church. If anyone wants to talk or pray about this, or giving in general, Isaac would be very happy to meet with you.

How should I give?
The bible tells us to copy how God himself gives: gratefully, joyfully, voluntarily, and sacrificially.

Are there other ways to give financially?
Yes. One-off gifts and legacies are examples of other ways in which you can help support the church financially. If you would like more details on either of these, please speak to our treasurer, Trevor Dimmock.

Where can I sign up to start or increase my giving?
If you can start giving financially, increase your giving, or to renew the standing order through which you have been giving, please speak to Trevor Dimmock who can help you:
It is most helpful if you can join the Parish Giving Scheme:
Phone: 0333 002 1260 Church Reference: 320632335
The church bank details are: Nat West, Sort Code: 60 06 56, Account Number: 00555665

Gift aid
If you are a UK taxpayer and sign a Gift Aid declaration form, we can recover £2.50 from the government for every £10 you give.
Please speak to Trevor Dimmock about Gift Aid:

“Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver”
2 Corinthians 9:7

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