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Thanksgivings and Baptisms

The birth of a new baby is a time of joy and celebration! Many parents feel a great desire to give thanks for the gift of a child. The Church of England has two services available for parents at this time. 

A thanksgiving is an opportunity to give thanks to God for the safe arrival of a child. A baptism is where a child or adult is welcomed into the church family. Both services happen within our Sunday morning services.  If you are interested in either please email and we would be delighted to meet and chat through both services with you.



Congratulations if you’re getting married, and thinking about a wedding at St. Peter and St. Paul’s! A wedding is a really exciting and special event – and St. Peter’s and Paul’s is a beautiful setting for the service. We can also offer bespoke wedding packages for you which could include the use of the church bells. However, a wedding is simply the first day of a new life together, and we would love to support you as you prepare not only for the wedding day but also married life and so we offer a marriage preparation class for all wedding couples. Finally, there are certain legal requirements surrounding weddings which we will need to go through with you to ensure that you are eligible to marry within the parish. Please email and we would be delighted to meet and begin to discuss your wedding.


Losing someone that we love is very painful, and we are very keen to support you at this time. Arranging a funeral is probably the last thing you want to be thinking of at the moment, but the process need not be too difficult, and most people find it to be a helpful one to go through. If you would like us to conduct a funeral service either at the church or elsewhere, we will meet you to listen and support, and also plan the service together.  

Please email or ask your funeral director to be in contact.

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